Video KYC

DocBOYZ Video KYC helps enterprises speed-up customer on-boarding process by automating the document collection and verification processes. DocBoyz Video KYC includes a live video meeting with a client that builds up their presence during the KYC process, confirming t their identity through the DocBoyz video KYC as per the government ID card and records it with the end goal of review and consistency.

The procedure for video KYC can be done anywhere even in the comfort of your own home! All you need is a pc, cell phone, or tablet with a working internet connection Customer onboarding process is extremely fast and reliable. it can eliminate 90% cost over physical verifications process

General Features

Digital Solution

KYC can be possible in the comfort of your home


Crosscheck from Government issued ID

Fast and reliable

Swift on boarding process

Cost effective

Over physical verification process

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